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The ordering process and conditions of purchase orders via the internet

The UnasShop System architecture provides a convenient and quick for customers. The menu options you can easily navigate the store.Products in the store is located between the "Products" menu to browse through. First, the categories are shown in the store. If you enter a category, where products can be found, then they can see a brief product description, price and other optional features, etc ... The basket of the cart by clicking the product placement. If the category does not fit all products on one page, the products above and below to scroll through the numbers.The "Specials" category in the store all available specials can be found. All products are included separately in the initial action and expiration date, or date and the initial 'set up' sign. The "More for less" menu to find the products for which the store if you order multiple units for volume discount. The "News" section of the store are offering emerging products.If you would like more information about a product, please click the product image or name. Then the "Product Details" page to get to where more detailed information about that product.You can also search the store. Simple search, only need to enter a search word, and if a product with this, the system displays. Advanced search, click the "Advanced Search" option, then enter the word in the search to one category and the product that you want to search for properties. The search result is displayed in the same products as the "Products" section of the event. Although it is possible to scroll through and view the properties of the product details as well.The "Info" menu you will find in the stores of any relevant Information, eg. the store's contact details, delivery and payment options, store discounts, or e-mail can also write to the department store operator.The contents of the basket "basket" can also check the help menu. Here you can change it to the basket product, the quantity you want to assign, and delete the entry. You can also complete emptying of the basket by clicking the "Empty Cart" button. If you choose to order, then click the "Subscribe" button.Before sending your order you must enter the system. It can only do it if you register to the store. The registration of the "Register" option found under. In order to complete the necessary information to enter. The registrant identifies the e-mail address, ie, all e-mail address to register only once in the system. The registration does not entail any obligation!If you are a registered customer but have forgotten your password, use the password reminder. If you can provide your registered e-mail address, your password will be emailed to you.Access the "Login" window to do this. You enter your registered e-mail address and password, then press the enter key. If successful, the entry, then this window will appear with your registered e-mail address and the exit button, which lets you leave the store. After logging in you will see a "change data" option, where the information provided during registration can change.If the basket page and clicking the order button you are entering, you get to the "Payment, Shipping and Other Opportunities" page, where you need to select the most suitable payment and shipping method. If you have money in virtual account, or possesses coupons or promotional codes, you can use this to reduce the amount of the order. When finished, press the on button. This displays all the details of your order by check. If all is found, the "Order" button to finalize your order. If credit card payment option chosen in the order, after the finalization of the "Pay" button to be able to equalize total amount of order. If you do not want to use the credit card payment possibility, then click on the "other payment" button.The order of the completion status of your order to monitor the "Orders" menu item. Here you will find all the previous order of the number and amount of which is sent to the store. All orders can be identified with a unique order number, which you can click to view details of your order. You can choose from several options: You can print your order, you can upload the data in the order basket and credit card payment, pay your bill, or other payment method is available. If you have any discount store, you are also able to view the "Preferences" tab.

The main characteristics of the subject contract

For contact details of date is the date when you send your order to the warehouse through the dealer. An order comes into effect, after confirming it via e-mail or phone confirmation. The store's system sends automatic confirmation is not equivalent to the above confirmation. The confirmation of the exact date and timing depends on the distributor. If the product page or other section of the website is not in a specific delivery time, it also indicates the confirmation of the merchant. The "Information" section of the distributor contact information. These contact details you can warranty claims and other complaints or ask for information about a product or orders. The merchant and the customer between the electronic contract is not considered a written contract, so it will not be filed, and later on paper is not available. The electronic contract, the signing and subsequent communication of the Hungarian language. Please note that for any typographical errors, incorrect data we do not assume any responsibility for! The product pages are product descriptions are for guidance only and do not always contain all information about a particular product. The official product description, please visit the website of the manufacturer.

The right of withdrawal

While ordering you can live at 213/2008. (VIII. 29) and 17/1999. II (5) Government shall have an absolute right to withdraw. If you are shopping online from the contract after receipt of the product 8 (eight) working days without giving any reason cancel this within the time limit referred to by sending a written statement may indicate. The date of receipt of the customer proves the parcel register or courier delivery register. Waiver by the Sellers to the Buyer paid the full amount (purchase price and shipping cost) immediately but not later than the cancellation and return of the goods within 30 (thirty) days to repay. We remind you that the buyer assumes the event of cancellation, the goods back all expenses incurred in connection with. The sale of goods may demand compensation for the damage resulting from improper use. The Internet also apply to purchases of warranty rights if the product is defective, please contact us for quality claims. Consumer protection laws, regulations can view by clicking HERE.


The seller's warranty and guarantee responsibility of the Civil Code, in the 151/2003. (IX.22) Gov. Regulation of 49/2003. (VII.30.) Ministry of Economy and Regulation 72/2005. (IV. 21) Gov. Regulation shall prevail. Warranty only durable goods such as washing machine, computer, television. The customer has the right to complain if the product is defective. In such cases, immediately in the WebShop. Warranty period is 6 (six) months. Warranty claim of 2 (two) years from the disposal of the customer. Of warranty claim the customer may request a repair, exchange, or price reduction. The errors resulting from improper use, the warranty can be made. The warranty is enforceable even discounted goods, in this case can be appealed quality, if the vendor did not indicate the cause of the devaluation. Consumer protection laws, regulations can view by clicking HERE.

Privacy Policy

General Legal NoticeThis privacy statement (hereinafter declaration) contains any of these operating systems UnasShop webstore orders are available in relation to products, services, and sending out newsletters carried out, the rules for handling personal data, and data handling information. Use the service, users agree to the commencement of the terms of this Declaration, which is always available on the shop side. This shop operator reserves the right to change this notice at any time. The operator is bound by the contents of this Legal Notice. If any questions about our visitors that this communication was not clear, please write to us and our colleagues will answer your question. The operation of the store dedicated to high quality service at the highest level of compliance with the direction, damages resulting from the use of the service, however, no responsibility.Privacy PrinciplesFor the operator of the main objectives is to protect your personal information, it is a priority for users of self-determination rights are respected. The operator your personal information confidential and take any security, technical and organizational measures that ensure data security. The following is our privacy principles, we present the expectations which the operator itself, as opposed controller defined and upheld. The operating concept of privacy in the information-based voluntary consensual rests on its implementation using the service every phase of the endeavor. Privacy principles are in accordance with data protection legislation in force, in particular the following:The protection of personal data and public disclosure of data of 1992. LXIII. Law;Processing of personal data in relation to the protection of individuals and the free movement of such data to the European Parliament and the Council 1995th Directive 95/46/EC of 24 October;In Strasbourg, 1981. dated January 28, the protection of individuals with the automatic processing of personal data on the 1998th Act VI. promulgated the Convention;Electronic commerce and information society services, in some aspects of 2,001th CVIII. Law;The research and direct marketing purpose of name and address data on the management of the 1995th CXIX. the law.The online store performed data handling by the operator, the third party does not give out personal information, only the prior and explicit consent. The order of personal data by sending the company's dispatch, the direction of the transmission to the buyer expressly agrees. The personal information collected about users to third parties statistics are made solely by the information forwarded to the person of the information has been denied. The resulting transmitted data, the procedure can not be reproduced in any of the information of a personal data. The online store personal information collected from other sources of data, the controller does not connect. Third country (abroad), the operator does not transmit user data. The user data is a statement of the general statistical methods, analyzes the operator to maintain indefinitely. These data can not be concluded for the data subject. This shop on the side of the operator sensitive data (racial origin, national or ethnic origin, political opinion or party affiliation, religious or philosophical beliefs, the advocacy organization membership, health, pathological addiction, sexual life data on criminal and personal data) does not collect about users. This shop used by visitors to the service voluntarily. Take note that the online store can order it only after the registration. If the operator is required by law under a mandate by the requesting authority to issue personal data and any specific condition, the request being met. This visitor services and the recipient (user) agree not to raise any objections in this regard. The operator of each user's data modification, data request, data erasure, data management issues of information received, and as soon as possible but no later than 30 days after responding. The online store links there may be other external sites. The operator is not responsible for the privacy practices of other web sites about. This declaration by the operator only applies to shopping cart.The technical data of website visitorsThe site visit to the supermarket system records the user's IP address, which can be inferred in some cases the person concerned, in addition to records of the operating system, browser type and pages visited address. The data recovery is largely technical, the system continued to thrive. The recording also covers analysis of customer usage, usage statistics, which is even higher level of customer services for assistance. The log file analysis of data with other information incurred by the operator does not connect, the user does not attempt to identify the person.Customer registrationIf the user wants to buy online store, you must first purchase occasion be necessary for the purchase data, including customer billing and shipping information, phone number, e-mail address, contact name and password for future login. The registration of the buyer also may indicate the need newsletter. The newsletter of the customer's request can be canceled at any time. The registration confirmation e-mail system. The buyer is required by this password confidential. If the identity of the buyer a unique ID and password after entering the correct identity of the buyer were in possession of an unauthorized third party, the resulting damages or disadvantages for the Data Manager is not responsible. Users can e-mail address by giving help to the technical service provider to send a message to them. The data recorded in the feeding operation application clears the system. The cancellation request for safety reasons will only be valid if the cancellation request to the user's e-mail to confirm this can prevent someone from intentionally or accidentally delete anything from the registry.Request NewsletterThe store next to the registration is otherwise available newsletter. If a visitor is not a registered customer, you can specify in the box side Newsletter e-mail address, name, any address. Clicking on the button to sign agree to send the newsletter for the operator. The newsletter subscription at any time by the user can be deleted.Write ReviewThe product-specific reviews to write, record and other forums is not always necessary to send the registration, in which case the buyer is only the name and e-mail address to enter. The name, e-mail address and the products of views will be made public, it will only write an opinion, if it accepts.[Arukereso_trustedshop_start] Árukereső.hu Reliable Shop ProgramThe ( Ltd. 1074 Budapest, Rákóczi út 70-72., Tax ID: 13282156-2-42, Registration Number: 01-09-727285) Reliable operation of the program in store purchases made after the customer e-mail address and name of the product purchased by him for the will be sent. The purpose of data transmission: View customer feedback and requests. Such personal information is transmitted to the Ltd. Privacy Rules, poor management and data management.[Arukereso_trustedshop_end] Contact, RemediesThe operator can find full details of the "Information" page. If the customer feels that the controller violated his right to protect your personal information, personal data protection, and public disclosure of data of 1992. LXIII. by law to act.