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Dance Cocktail Rhythms I - Downloadable Music CD

Downloadable dance instructor product
Dance Cocktail Rhythms I - Downloadable Music CD
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Type of Product:
Downloadable Dance music CD
Music on the CD:
12 music



No postage, no waiting time!

The entire CD contents can be downloaded immediately after payment is mp3 format and you can listen too!

The CD can be downloaded from the Cocktail Dance Dance Dance course starting material of the music is in mp3 format.

Six kinds of dance, every dance per 2 dance music.

English Waltz, Cha-Cha-Cha, Viennese Waltz,

Madison, Party Jive, Salsa.


The music made ​​specifically practice music, the different dances, singing without.

  •  The detailed content of the CD can be downloaded from: 

    Közeledben Waltz 3’:18”

    Téli keringő Waltz 3’:54”

    Tik-Tak Cha-cha Cha-cha-cha 2’:04”

    Flört Cha-cha-cha 2’:16”

    Szintről szintre Viennese Waltz 2’:25”

    Egymás körül  Viennese Waltz 2’:19”

    Lassú buli Madison 1’:52”

    Gyors buli Madison 1’:33”

    Amikor valaki bekopogtat  Jive 2’:25”

    Kapkodd a lábad! Jive 3’:11”

    Az élet fűszere Salsa 2’:01”

    Veled vagy nélküled Salsa / Mambó 2’:39”

    Enjoy the demo music, can be heard 20 seconds

    into the opening song, or click: ! 

    The first column of the music title, the second column is the name of the dance and the third is the full length of the song.  

    We offer the music for everyone who can be heard practicing rhythmic music and fashion are looking for ballroom dance dancing exercise, or just listening.

    The downloadable dance music CDs are an excellent dance instructor aids to learn the dances and music of the exercise.

    Accurate, music for dancing, but a lot of practice and the right music is learned by listening repeatedly!

    The downloadable CDs, Dance Music and Dance Training DVDs have no problem buying a home practicing!

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    Downloadable dance instructor product